Unlock Your Potential in the Bulk SMS Industry with EasySMS

Why Become a Partner/Reseller?

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our user-friendly platform simplifies managing and reselling Bulk SMS services.

Your Brand, Your Identity

Resell Bulk SMS with your own brand name, establishing a unique identity in the market.


Set your own rates, maximize profits, and enjoy higher margins as a reseller.

24x7 Technical Support

Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock technical support to ensure smooth operations.

Expand Your Network

Build a network of sub-resellers under your brand, expanding your reach and earning potential.

Simple Reseller Setup

Start your Bulk SMS business quickly and easily without extensive technical knowledge or infrastructure.

How Businesses Use Our Platform?

Effective Marketing Campaigns

Engage your target audience and boost marketing efforts with EasySMS. Create personalized SMS campaigns, promote offers, and increase brand visibility for customer acquisition and growth.

Instant Notifications

Stay connected in real-time. Send timely alerts, updates, and reminders to keep customers informed and satisfied with prompt communication.

Customer Relationship Management

Strengthen customer relationships. Send tailored messages and exclusive offers to nurture engagement and build loyalty.

Appointment Reminders

Simplify appointment management. Automate reminders to reduce no-shows, streamline operations, and enhance the customer experience.

Internal Communication

Facilitate seamless internal communication. Share important announcements, updates, and notifications with your team members or employees.

Event Promotions

Maximize event success. Send reminders, registration details, and post-event follow-ups to drive attendance and create an engaging experience.