Powerful Features to Supercharge Your SMS Campaigns

Tailor Your SMS Campaigns to Suit Your Business Needs

Personalize and customize your SMS campaigns with EasySMS. Tailor messages to your audience, align with your brand, and drive engagement. Target groups, schedule deliveries, use templates, and enhance messages with multimedia for impactful campaigns.


Craft personalized SMS messages by including recipient names or other relevant data, ensuring a more engaging and meaningful communication.


Target specific groups within your audience based on demographics, behavior, or preferences, maximizing the impact of your campaigns.


Plan your SMS deliveries in advance and choose the optimal time for sending messages to increase open rates and response rates.

Our Features

Toll-Free Number

Establish a professional image and improve customer experience with a toll-free number. Allow customers to reach you easily without incurring any charges, enhancing accessibility and fostering positive interactions.

Multi-Level IVR

Streamline your call management process with a Multi-Level IVR system. Create customizable voice menus and automated responses to efficiently route calls, provide relevant information, and enhance customer satisfaction.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate EasySMS into your existing systems with our robust API. Automate SMS processes, trigger messages based on events or user actions, and enhance workflow efficiency by connecting EasySMS with your CRM, ERP, or other applications.

Virtual Number

Get a dedicated virtual number to send and receive SMS messages. Enhance your brand identity and establish a direct communication channel with your customers. Engage in two-way communication, gather feedback, and provide personalized support.

Live Call Info

Gain real-time insights into your call campaigns with Live Call Info. Monitor call activity, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your call center operations and deliver exceptional customer service.

CRM Integration

Integrate EasySMS with your CRM system to streamline your customer communication. Sync contact information, track interactions, and manage SMS campaigns directly from your CRM platform, ensuring a unified approach to customer engagement.

Our Benefits

Streamline Communication Efforts

Streamline communication with customizable SMS campaigns, toll-free numbers, and multi-level IVR.

Increase Brand Visibility and Recognition

Boost brand visibility and recognition with virtual numbers and API integration.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve customer experience with toll-free numbers and multi-level IVR.

Real-time Insights and Performance Tracking

Gain real-time insights and track performance with live call info and reporting.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Enhance workflow efficiency with API integration and CRM integration.

Increase Marketing ROI

Maximize marketing ROI with personalized SMS campaigns and targeted communication.

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